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Team Scott Inspire Founders

We, "Scottie" James and Rachelle Scott, had the Desire to Inspire our family to be kind to others in the community.  As parents, we made it a point to lead by example.  We wanted to get our kids actively involved so we began by doing Random Acts of Kindness such as leaving small gifts for others in the community.  We also started volunteering and participating in community outreach events such as  the Special Olympics, Color Run, Ronald McDonald House, Suits to Careers and We Feed Philly.  When we would participate in these events we always referenced our family as TEAM SCOTT, having a "Desire to Inspire Kindness"!  We have seen first hand that kindness INSPIRES kindness, which led to the name Team Scott Inspire.  

One of our most rewarding experiences was helping to feed the homeless in Philly.  We wanted to do the same thing closer to home.  Upon researching the homeless population in Dauphin County we discovered a silent epidemic, homeless youth.  What really made an impact, was a majority of the youth don't have a choice in the matter of being homeless.  Imagine being a kid, and dealing with the real life struggles of an adult while going to school. Often times these homeless youth will stay in school for a sense of stability or simply end up dropping out of school.  Achieving academic success is difficult for any student but envision not having the vital resources such as food, shelter, clothing and transportation.  That is why we have made the commitment to help provide the vital services for these students.  We can't do it alone, but Together Everyone Achieves More and that is why we created Team Scott Inspire, to unite the community as one family to inspire kindness while raising funds to help youth facing adversity stay in school.

The symbol that is placed in our logo is to represent an infintiy circle, the left side symbolyzing adversity in the homelife, the right side symbolyzing our endless desire to embrace students to achieve academic success!

The charitable purpose of Team Scott Inspire is to unite the community as one family with a "Desire to Inspire Kindness" while actively supporting & raising funds for outreach programs that provide vital services for youth facing real life struggles.

A BIG SHOUT OUT of appreciation to Videographer - STEPHANIE KELLER!  
We can't thank you enough for all the love and support you provide in making the videos to promote
Team Scott Inspire!  You exemplify KINDNESS in all of your work!

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