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Mechanicsburg Middle School

Friday, November 11, 2022

1750 S Market St, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

5:30 pm - 8pm

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This will be an evening filled with an interactive dining experience for all ages to bring awareness to hunger and homeless youth in our community.  

Why Attend?

Who Should Attend?

Do you have a hunger for learning?  Are you craving opportunities to make a difference in the lives of youth who are housing insecure?  Come sink your teeth into our immersive event where we will teach you, feed you and hopefully inspire you!  The Appetite for Awareness banquet will teach you about the experiences and challenges of educating displaced and homeless  youth and how we can help overcome these obstacles.

What to Expect?

5:30pm - Welcome Reception and Drop Off Donations

6:00 pm - Interactive Dinner with Speakers 

                 (Guests take on the roles of youth who                               are well-fed, hungry, or somewhere in                                 between, randomly drawing tickets that                             assign them to different income levels.) 

7:15 pm - Packing of Curbside Care Packages

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Calling all families, community leaders and educators!  Come share a meal with us and become an agent of change within your community!  

Curbside Care Packages Donations

At the end of the Banquet, registered participants will be assembling Curbside Care Packages from the donations received.  Curbside Care Packages are a fun way to incorporate the essentials and age appropriate items, but also make the youth receiving them feel like they are special.  If you are able to donate an item to the Curbside Care Packages, we are requesting the following items:


Essential Items
Travel Tissues
Baby Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Face masks
Face wash
Deoderant Men's / Women's
Age Appropriate
Powder Drink Mix for Water
Gift Cards - grocery stores, local restaurants, gas stations
Yeti / Waterbottle
Lunch Box
Travel Size Cereal
Travel Bag Chips

This event is FREE!  

Register to Attend! 
Appetite For Awareness

Each person planning to attend must submit a registration form.
Age of Attendee
I may be interested in purchasing a Red Shirt to support the cause for $15

Thanks for submitting!

Thank you for supporting this event! We have closed the registration to ensure a quality event!

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