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Get Involved


Be a part of the family and help make a difference in the community.  Join along at 1, 2 or ALL of the outreach programs that we help out at.  We offer many opportunities each month to join in on the fun of giving.  Consider volunteering at our Students Achieving Success Event or Contact Us to be on a mailing list.

Hugs & Kisses

Everyone deserves the feeling of being loved, and what better way to show that then with Hugs & Kisses!  As a way of showing kindness, appreciation and/or sending a positive message we create a small gift bag that contains Hershey's Hugs & Kisses chocolate with Team Scott Inspire card.  The love never ends, nor does the need for bags of Hershey's Hugs & Kisses.  Consider donating Hershey Kisses Milk Chocolate Candy or Hershey's Hugs Candies.  

In-Kind Donations

We especially see a large need for things like gift cards to Walmart/Target (usually for clothes or shoes), grocery store gift cards, and household items.  Here are some other items.

Drinks/Food Items:

-Bottled water/drinks - Snacks - Desserts

- Gum/Breathmints - Coffee Supplies

Educational Items & School Supplies:

- Cinch Bags - Pens - Highlighters

- Note Cards - Folders - Notebooks

- USB Drive - 


Socks - Gloves - Coats - Hats - Umbrellas - Rain Coats

Other Items:

Hand Sanitizer - Tissues  - Small First Aid Kits - Chap Stick -  


Monetary donations are greatly appreciated. Your support means that we can reach into the streets, shelters and schools to provide the vital services for these students that are facing adveristy. 

Sad, but true 30% of the homeless in the Capital area are youth, and not by choice. This is why we have made the commitment to help these students overcome the basic survival needs to achieve success. Providing the essentials of a stable home; food, shelter, clothing so they can focus on their academics and extracurricular activies that allow them to be a kid.

Corporate Donations

Help support Team Scott Inspire, while promoting your business - become an event sponsor!  Becoming a Team Scott Inspire event supporter means you or your organization can show your Desire to Inspire Kindness in the community while actively supporting & raising funds that provide vital services for youth facing real life struggles.  Contact us for more information to create a sponsorship package that can be tailored to your marketing goals and budget while supporting a great cause!

Desire to Inspire ... Kindness!

Kindness has an amazing ability to increase happiness, self-esteem and optimism, improve mental and physical wellbeing, lower stress and anxiety levels, create better social, emotional and academic outcomes, and reduce bullying in schools and within the community.  

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